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Neon Design - Lake Forest, IL

Neon Lighting and Custom Signs near Lake Forest, Illinois

Neon Design is a professional sign maker near Lake Forest, Illinois. Specializing in neon signs we have helped many homeowners, commercial establishments, and collectors find the custom sign that is right for them. With years of experience, you can always count on us to provide a quality job at an affordable price.

Located in Evanston we are able to work with you and create a custom sign that will steal the show. Whether you are looking to attract customers or make a statement you can count on us to deliver what you’re asking for. Not only can we craft these signs we are also able to help you install them.

Many people don’t realize just how fragile these signs can be. Similar to vinyl records these signs are a lingering sign of the past and are as delicate as records. A single accident with a neon sign can leave it rendered useless, for this reason our installation technicians are trained to be as careful as they can be.

Specializing in neon signs for home, businesses, and even video productions we have provided assistance to such feature films as Batman and Home Alone, as well as lent signs to local businesses for their commercials. If you are interested in learning about our custom sign design or neon sign rentals call us today. 

Our goal is to be your one-stop sign shop. Few signage companies are able to provide the level or precision and excellence as ours. We also play well with others. If you are in the middle of an interior remodeling project we will work with you to make sure the sign we create for you is designed to sit aesthetically in your home or office. Proudly serving the Evanston area and surrounding communities we are happy to help anyone in the Lake Forest area.

For an estimate or details on our custom signs and signage call - (773) 906-3266

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