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Neon Design - Elmhurst, IL

Custom Neon Signs and Neon Sign Maker near Elmhurst, Illinois

Neon Design is a leading neon sign maker in the Elmhurst, Illinois area. For years we have been the first name to know when you need a custom neon sign or sign rental. Our inventory has been featured in such films as Home Alone, Batman, and many others as well as used for many local commercials.

See why more people in the Elmhurst area choose Neon Design for all of their neon sign needs.

With years of experience, our neon sign makers are able to craft your logo, company name, phone number, or anything else you may be interested in. Since these signs are often times used inside a home or office we are used to working with interior decorators and have delivered exceptional results. Our team will work with you and any designer you may have on retainer to make sure the interior neon sign we make for you is built to fit your exact needs and specifications.

We work with much more than just interior signage, though. Most of the time when you see a neon sign it is a part of the marque or in the window of a business saying that they are open, or boasting that they carry a certain brand. If you would like a similar sign or have something a little more unique in mind our team is here for you.

As professionals, we know exactly what it takes to design your custom sign and we thoroughly enjoy bringing your ideas to life.

Something that many people don’t consider when ordering a custom sign from Neon Design however, is how to install it after they have the sign. If you live in the Elmhurst area we have good news for you. Our team is available to provide professional neon sign installation.

Since we work with these specialty signs day in and day out we are fully aware of how fragile these pieces can be and take meticulous care to make sure no damage is done during the installation process.

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